Louvre Tour

My Louvre Tour

Arrive Early with Museum Pass
Allows you to arrive at any time with priority access
Those who buy a ticket with specific time frame, they have priority
I considered composing the algorythm for the most efficient time to arrive, arriving early, front of line but waiting longer, compared to saving time, arriving later, but being further back in the cue.

We favor being one of the first into the museum in the morning, often the only one in the gallery. I recall approaching the Damu staircase in the Louvre, and there was actually no one in front of me and no one behind me. The Louvre quickly fills, soon occupied by visitors running through the halls to see the Mona Lisa, apparently in a life-or-death situation.

We always go up the the Mona Lisa first for several reasons:
-to come here later is to confront major crowds
-this journey takes you up the Damu staircase, past the Winged Victory of Samarath (at least an equally great work, which I never get tired of)
-in this vicinity are some other iconic paintings, two of the largest canvases in the Louvre, and other popular and large French romantic paintings including those by David, Delacroix and GĂ©ricault

Then usually completing Damian Wing (2nd Floor of Italian and Spanish Paintings)

We like paintings so the next stop is the Richileau Wing, 2nd Floor Dutch Paintings including Vermeer and Rembrandt

There are more painting on the second floor of Sully Wing, we we discount at our peril, they are smaller canvases, but there are great surprises

The Two Sculpture Courts: Marly and Puere
Egyptian Court
Outdoor Court and Stairway, perhaps an area for expansion
Michaelangelo and Venus De Milo

The original palace in Sully
The Apartments of Napoleon in Richileu

First Floor of Damion ( )
The First Floor of Sully (African)

Floor Plan

Audio Guides
For 5 euros you can rent a GPS audio guide which tracks your location in relation to featured works. The line to return the device in the same long line for those checking-out devices, which I don’t understand, but it is simple and actually moves quite fast.

Coffee stop at Cafe
Postcards on Main Floor


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