French Verb List

Verb List
souffrir (Visual Education French Vocabulary Cards)

A Verbs (beginning with A)
Aller, Attendre, Apercevoir, Apprendre, Appuyer, Arriver, Avoir

B Verbs (beginning with B)

C Verbs (beginning with C)
Comprendre, Connaitre

D Verbs (beginning with D)
Devoir, Dire, Douter

E Verbs (beginning with E)
Emmaner, Entendre, Etre, étendre

F Verbs (beginning with F)
Faire, Falloir, Forcer

L Verbs (beginning with L)
Laisser, Lumière

M Verbs (beginning with M)
Marcher, Mener, Manquer, Mettre

P Verbs (beginning with P)
Parler, Paraître, Partir, Passer, Payer, Penser, Permettre, Porter, Pouvoir, Prendre

R Verbs (beginning with R)
Recevoir, Rendre, r- and re- prefixes indicating repetition

S Verbs (beginning with S)
Savoir, Servir, Sortir, Suivre

T Verbs (beginning with T)
Tendre, Tenir, Tenter, Tomber, Tromper

V Verbs (beginning with V)
Venir, Vivre, Vouloir

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Adjectives (French Grammar)

Adjectives modify, or describe, nouns
Adjectives qualify a noun or pronoun

Adjective List
Adjectives of Color Les Adjectifs de Couleurs

Comparatives and Superlatives of Adjectives
Adjective: vert (green)
plus vert (greener) plus vert que
moins vert (less green)
aussi vert (as green)

Possessive Adjectives
Single Possessor
Plural Possessor

Interrogative Adjectives

Demonstrative Adjectives

Forming Masculine and Feminine Adjective Endings

Avoir l’air vs. être
Avoir l’air vs. être with Adjectives
Avoir l’air vs. être Masculine and Feminine Forms

Numbers Numbers are Adjectives

quel quelle quels quelles

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