French Verb List

Verb List
souffrir (Visual Education French Vocabulary Cards)

A Verbs (beginning with A)
Aller, Attendre, Apercevoir, Apprendre, Appuyer, Arriver, Avoir

B Verbs (beginning with B)

C Verbs (beginning with C)
Comprendre, Connaitre

D Verbs (beginning with D)
Devoir, Dire, Douter

E Verbs (beginning with E)
Emmaner, Entendre, Etre, étendre

F Verbs (beginning with F)
Faire, Falloir, Forcer

L Verbs (beginning with L)
Laisser, Lumière

M Verbs (beginning with M)
Marcher, Mener, Manquer, Mettre

P Verbs (beginning with P)
Parler, Paraître, Partir, Passer, Payer, Penser, Permettre, Porter, Pouvoir, Prendre

R Verbs (beginning with R)
Recevoir, Rendre, r- and re- prefixes indicating repetition

S Verbs (beginning with S)
Savoir, Servir, Sortir, Suivre

T Verbs (beginning with T)
Tendre, Tenir, Tenter, Tomber, Tromper

V Verbs (beginning with V)
Venir, Vivre, Vouloir

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