Month: June 2016

Le conditionnel (French Verbs)

Conditional Verb Tense

Present Conditional: if they had the time they would do certain things
Imperfect and Present Conditional: if various conditions were not present they would do certain things
Plus-Que-Parfait and Past Conditional: if conditions had not obtained could have done these things

Conditional (conditionnel) Verb Tense
French Lesson 68 – Learn French Conditional Tense – Le Conditionnel – El Condicional en francés You Tube

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T Verbs (French)

Verbs beginning with T

Tendre (To Tender)
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Tenir (To Hold)
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tenir a (stick to)

Tenter (To Try)
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Tomber (To Fall)
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Tromper (To Deceive)
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