You Are What You Eat

What will you watch
What will you subscribe to
What will you pay for

Watch (Paint and Draw)
Read (Write)
Listen (Compose)

“Print” Media
Online Apps

Five to Pick From:
Ken Burns Films (PBS)
Sixty Minutes (CBS All Access)

New York Times

Consumption vs Creation

Travel Media
Rick Steves
Anthony Bourdain

The Times (London)
Sunday Times

BBC Trending
Trends of the Week

Sidney Morning Herald

The Toronto Globe and Mail

New York City
Latin Times

Corriere della Sera (Milano)
Corriere del Ticino (Switzerland)
I always read the daily news from Milano, Corriere della Sera, and then I read Corriere del Ticino from the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. I told you my nannies were from Switzerland and they were very precise, and everything had to be perfect and measured. So for me to go to the Swiss paper is to know exactly what the real story is. Sera makes a lot of noise and exaggerates. Ticino is just what it is. (Gabriele Rausse)

French Dictionary Translator
Google Translate



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