New York Times
Christian Science Monitor (Boston)
Wall Street Journal (Boston)
Intelligent Life (The Economist)



The Hill
(Washington DC)

Arizona Republic mlb
Atlanta Journal Constitution mlb
Baltimore Sun mlb
Boston Globe mlb
Chicago Tribune mlb
Chicago Sun Times mlb (constant pop-up advertising)
Cincinnati Enquirer mlb
Cleveland Plain Dealers mlb
Dallas Morning News mlb
Denver Post mlb
Detroit News mlb
Houston Chronicle mlb
Kansas City Star mlb
Los Angeles Times mlb
Los Angeles Daily News mlb
Miami Herald mlb
Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel mlb
St. Paul Pioneer Press mlb
Minneapolis Star Tribune mlb
Kansas City Star mlb
New York Daily News mlb
NY Newsday mlb
New York Post mlb
New York Times mlb
Oakland Tribune mlb
Philadelphia Inquirer mlb
Pittsburgh Post Tribune mlb
San Diego Union Tribune mlb
San Francisco Chronicle mlb
San Francisco Examiner mlb
St. Louis Post Dispatch mlb
Seattle Times mlb
Tampa Bay Times mlb
Toronto Star mlb
Toronto Sun mlb
Washington Post mlb
Washington Times mlb



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