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Customer Service in Paris

You may have Customer Service experiences which don’t meet your expectation in Paris
As Americans we are loud, impatient (assholes) who demand good customer service
Shift Gears when in Paris – things will be different (especially if you start making demands in English)
Imagine living in such a great city, with a strong cultural identity, besieged by tourists

Still certain situations perplex me:
The Pantheon: a young man at the ticket counter was occupied with everyone except the person standing at his counter, he was talking with his lady friends, sold me a Paris Museum Pass – he admitted me without activating my Pass (so I have a Paris Museum Pass still ready to activate on my next trip to Paris)
The Centre Pompidou: has lines always confuse me. The line for people with tickets is much longer that the fast moving line of people without tickets. The attendants are all gathered with the coffee cups, engaged in conversation.
The Louvre: at one time, the Paris Museum Pass entitled you to special treatment. Recently, I showed my Pass and was directed to a line longer than the line for people without tickets
(if I don’t know the language, then I can’t complain)
The Grande Palace: There was this great exhibition of Spanish Painter El Greco and French Painter Toulusse Latrece. Waited in a long line which turned out to be for the Ice Skating, and only discovered this when they told me that I should have gloves (the exhibitions were definitely worth any and all hassles, AMAZING “Only in Paris”)

Paris Métro Line 2

The Blue Paris Métro Line 2 is my link to Montmartre
A short ride from Gare du Nord takes me to Barbès–Rochechouart (through Pigalle, Blance then Place de Chichy

There is a Station for:
Philippe Auguste
Belleville (my unexplored area of Paris) The Triplets of Belleville
Pere Lachaise
Through the busy station at Charles de Gaulle–Étoile near the Arc de Triomphe

Classical Music

Classical 24 (APM)
Performance Today
Exploring Music

I set-up the Critieron Channel, had to use Apple TV
Set-Up iHeartRADIO
Found some Classical Music Stations (the alternative that I have been looking for to the daily news)

Grab any reputable Classical Music Station
(mine is WEKU for Central & Eastern KY)

And they grab this most popular syndicated classical music programs

French Dictionary Translator
Google Translate