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Spain Revealed Video

YouTube Series

Capture the 10 Places
Breakfast: Fried Egg, Sausage and Grilled Peppers
Roasted Peppers and Onions
Santa Caterinea Market
Born La Primavera
Marscapone Crossant
Turron (Nougat)
Gothic Quarter
1:00 aperatif
Bravas Potatoes
Sausage and Pork Sandwiches with Cava
La Cova Fumada (opens at 9:00)

Classical Music

Classical 24 (APM)
Performance Today
Exploring Music

I set-up the Critieron Channel, had to use Apple TV
Set-Up iHeartRADIO
Found some Classical Music Stations (the alternative that I have been looking for to the daily news)

Grab any reputable Classical Music Station
(mine is WEKU for Central & Eastern KY)

And they grab this most popular syndicated classical music programs

French Dictionary Translator
Google Translate

Metropolitan Opera

I really enjoy the Metropolitan Opera (it is so special, exotic and unique and challenging)

On the Saturday Afternoons of my youth, our neighbor (Mr. Flock) would bring his fancy 1960’s portable stereo down to the neighborhood ice pond and play the Saturday Matinee

Saturday’s in my apartments, I frequently listened to the Matinee

Recently during Marathon weekend, I would buy the cheapest tickets for the Saturday matinee and sit up in the very top balcony, where you view to top of everyone’s head

Then, during my last visit, I purchased a seat in the front row, center, beside the conductor for Madame Butterfly for an indelible experience. Fantastic. (I now sat with a different group of people, it was like we were family – which was not as common in seats costing less than 10% as much, way upstairs)

At one time I subscribed to Metropolitan Opera on demand (and could watch whatever I wanted to watch, as often as I wanted

During the pandemic the Metropolitan is offering a free opera every evening (and the subsequent 24 hours)
Watching a production of Falstaff, which is remarkable. There are many large and obese characters which is interesting to watch. Unfortunately, in today’s “correct” environment, some might object to these portrayals. The conductor has been terminated for his conduct with young men

The point that I wanted to make, was that it is easier having one opera presented every evening. That is until I ever have the desire to explore specific operas.