P Verbs (French)

Verbs beginning with P

Parler (To Talk/Speak)
Present Tense
dire vs parler (speaking vs saying)

Paraître (To Appear)
All about Paraître about.com

Partir (To Go)
Present Indicative

Passer (To Pass)
Passer, faire, pouvoir

Payer (To Pay)
conjugated like essayer (to try)

Penser (To Think)
Penser à vs penser de to think about vs to think of

Permettre (To Permit)
Permettre To Permit, To Allow, To Let French Assistant.com

Plaire (To Please)
Compounds of Plaire
French Assistant.com
s’il te plaît French Etc.

Porter (To Carry)
Porter: Conjugation French Linguistics.co.uk
Porter, Apporter, Rapporter, Emporter, Remporter

Pouvoir (To Come)
Present Indicative
Passer, faire, pouvoir

Prendre (To Take)
Present Indicative

Promener (To Walk)
mener, amener, emmener, promener

Verb List
Elements of Grammar


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