A – Verbs (French)

Verbs beginning with A

Aller (to go)
Present Tense
2 different uses: going places vs about health
aller (être)
forms of aller

Amener (to lead)
mener, amener, emmener, promener

Apercevoir (to see)
apercevoir vs voir
“voir” “croire” “apercevoir” and “recevoir”

Aprendre (to learn)
Present Indicative

Appuyer(to support)
various forms of appuyer

Arriver (to arrive)
ça arrive!
ça arrive! New York Times
arriver à arrive at

Attendre (to expect, to wait for)
La Lesson Du Jour youtube

Avoir (to have) and Avoir Verbs
One of Two Auxillary Verbs
Forms of Avoir in the Present Tense
Avoir and Age Past Perfect Tense
Expressing Need avoir besoin

Verb List
Elements of Grammar


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