Questions (French)

Asking Directions (32.6)

Questions using intonation, inversion and est-ce qui

Indirect Questions
ce que c’est what is it
qui c’est who is it

qu’est-ce que (what is it that it is)
qu’est-ce que c’est?

Ou? (Where)
C’est ou ça?

Quel? (What)
What’s going on?
Qu’est-ce qui se passe?
Qu’est-ce qui’il ya a?
de quoi s’agit-il?
Quelle? (What)
Quoi? (What)
C’est quoi ça? What is that?
Je ne sais quoi I do not know what (A quality that can not be described or named easily)

Quand? (When)
When did you leave?
Quand es-tu parti ?

Qui? (Who)
Who is it?
Qui est-ce?

Comment? (How)
How is he?
Comment est-il?

Combien? (How Much)
How much is it?
C’est Combien?

Elements of Grammar


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