Pronouns (French)

Specific Pronouns Les pronoms

Pronoun List Specific Pronouns
Personal Pronouns
Impersonal Pronouns

Personne and rien in simple tenses
used as subjects rein ne lui plaît (nothing pleases him)
used as objects of a preposition je n’ai besoin de rien (I do not need anything)
used as direct objects je ne cherche rien (I seek nothing)

Object Pronouns
Direct Object Pronouns (pronoms objets directs) replace the people or things that
receive the action of the verb in a sentence
Indirect Object Pronouns (pronoms objets indirects) replace the people in a sentence
to/for whom the action of the verb occurs
Position of Pronoun (Personal Pronoun, Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns)
Verbs + à + noun indirect object pronouns
(direct object pronouns require no preposition between verb and noun)
The future and object pronoun

y and en
y to refer to a place to which one is going
en to refer to a place from which one is coming
A and en with means of transportation
en when talking about riding in enclosed conveyance
a to discuss means of transporation requiring standing or straddling
(a cheval, a ski, a bicyclette)

Relative Pronouns who, which, that, whom and where
qui and que and dont
ce qui, ce que, ce qu’, ce dont
qui, que, and dont

Personal Subject Pronouns
Interrogative Pronouns
Demonstrative Pronouns
Stressed Pronouns
Imperative and Personal Pronouns

Reflexive Pronouns
Negative Pronouns

On third-person singular pronoun

Pronouns and Questions

Elements of Grammar


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