Churches of Rome (Wonderium)

listed according to Program
01. Rome the Eternal City
02. The Capitoline and the Colosseum
Talking Statutes
Santa Maria di Loreto (image of Madonna of Loreto)
The Most Holy Name of Mary by the Forum of Trajian

03. Imperial Palaces of Palatine Hill
05. The Roman Forum
06. Along the Via Sacra to the Capitoline
07. The Via del Corso and Princely Palaces
08. The Trevi Fountain and Baroque Rome
09 Above and Beyond the Spanish Steps
10. At the Bend of the Tiber
11. The Panteon t Campo dei Fiori
12. Piazza Farnese to the Ara Pacis
13. Piazza del Poplol to San Clemente
14. The Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica


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