I have practically decided to cancel my trip to Spain
I don’t think that I would contact the virus (I think that I am fairly healthy)
The plane flight would probably not be cancelled (flights continue even out of Milan)

I have to be concerned about infecting others, at work and at my parents retirement home
And there is not a small chance that others would consider me inconsiderate
Which is usually not my concern, but this involves public health

I would hate to panic and choose to miss the trip to Barcelona
But the incidents increase by double digits each day

Healthy People should not be effected
And what will happen will happen regardless of my actions
But the worse case scenario is that
after spending days eating Pincho (sitting out in the open air)
I become ill and can not travel back
Travel is banned abruptly (even though I am not ill)

The Worse Case Scenario is not very probable,
but it is a situation that you probably need to avoid
and will be judged to be reckless

Banning travel is not the best way to contain the coronavirus, Ebola expert says


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