Sausage Vienna

The Sausage Stand
Wurstel mit senf – Classic Frankfurter sausage served with a dollop of sweet (suss) or hot (scharf) mustard (senf) and a semmel, a white bread roll.
Debreziner – a thin, spicy, peppery sausage
Bratwurst – fatter version of the Frankfurter
Weisswurst – meaning ‘white sausage’, this is even fatter than the Bratwurst.
Kasekrainer – a.k.a. the ‘pus-filled’ sausage this is similar to a bratwurst but injected with cheese. Careful when eating as the cheese invariably spurts out everywhere – definitely a favourite.

– although not really a sausage, it’s worth a mention. Most sausage stands sell ‘liver cheese’ – its like a loaf of baked sausage meat and cheese.
A recommended stall to be initiated into the Viennese school of sausage is Wurstelstand Leowhich is situated outside the Blau Stern café, at Doblinger Gurtel 2, 9th District. The lovely Leo will even juggle with his sausage equipment while-u-wait!


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