Art Subjects

The First Visit to an Art Museum is wonderful and overwhelming.

Primarily, don’t over-think-it and just let it wash over you. Hopefully you will get lost. When it is time to leave, if you are like me, you’ll have no idea how to get-out-of-here.

Next, you will reach a point where you want to know more about the Subject of the Painting and the story behind it.
For example consider: Rembrandt’s Saint Matthieu et L’Ange:
St. Matthew and the Angel, captures the popular image of an angel dictating the Christian texts to the Disciple Matthew. She is whispering into his ear, he is capturing this with a feather plucked from the Angel’s wing.
Mathew could be a self-portrait of the grizzled and aged Rembrandt.
The Angel could have been been modeled after Rembrandt’s son Titus.

Religious Themes


Historical Events

(and why this person is important)




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