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New York Times Namibia Articles

7 Days, 1,500 Miles in Namibia Travel (New York Times)

Namibia’s Mighty Menagerie
(lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, antelopes and rhinos)

Travel (New York Times)
On this site, you can learn anything from what time it is in the Windhoek to how to convert from the dollar to the Namibian dollar. Just click on Namibia and go from there.
Visit this site for general travel advice about almost any country in the world.
The State Department’s website issues background notes periodically about countries around the world. Find Namibiaand learn more about its social and political history. You can also go to the site’s international travel section to check on conditions that may affect your safety.
This includes links to all the official sites for governments worldwide.
This online world atlas includes maps and geographical information, and each country page contains links to other sites, such as the Library of Congress, that contain comprehensive historical, social, and political background.
This United Nations site allows you to search for statistical information for member states of the United Nations.
This site provides an additional source of current and historical information about countries around the world.


Anthony Bourdain in Senegal CNN

Five Dishes From Senegal The Yolele! cookbook

Five Dishes From Senegal The Yolele! cookbook

Black-Eyed Pea Fritters David Tanis (New York Times)

Chicken Mafe Francis Lam (New York Times)

Cheik in Senegal Amazon Prime Video
Cheik is 8 and lives in Dakar. His family organized a big traditional meal to celebrate a visit from his godfather.


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