Future Tense (French Verbs)

The Future Tense in French

33.34 The Passé composé and the imperfect are used to describe actions in the past from two very difference points of view (French in Action)

Passé Composé
Expresses past actions as points on the line of time, as events that mark the progress of the story
Verbs in the passe compose answer the questions “What happened next?

Expresses past action as a process, a flow:P it examines action from the point of view of its duration, its extension in time
Verbs in the imperfect answer the questions “What was going on at the time? What were things like?”

Verb Tenses refer to various times (present, past, future)
Verb Moods correspond to different functions (indicative, infinitive, imperative)
Most Popular Verbs

Elements of Grammar


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