Verb Organization (French)

Making Sense of French Verb Conjugations
Differentiate between Tense and Mood with French Verbs
French has 14 tenses (seven simple and seven compound tenses)
French has four personal moods

Verb Tenses refer to various times (present, past, future)
-Present Tense(s)
-Past Tense(s)
-Future Tense(s)

French has 14 tenses, seven simple and seven compound tenses

Simple Tenses (Seven)
Present (Indicative) Tense
Imperfect Tense (ongoing or interrupted action from the past)
Future Tense
Conditional (would) Hypotheses
Present Subjunctive
Imperfect Subjunctive
Passe Simple (literary tense)

Compound Tenses
Pasee Compose (“ed”)
Pluperfect indicative (“had”)
Future perfect (“will have”)
Conditional perfect (“if”)
Past anterior (literary tense)
Past subjunctive
Pluperfect subjunctive (literary tense)

Verb Moods 4 personal moods correspond to different functions
(indicative, imperative, subjunctive, conditional)
Subjunctive Mood
Conditional Mood
Imperative Mood
Indicative Mood

Most Popular Verbs

Elements of Grammar


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