Future Tense (French)

Future Tense
How to use the French future tense Laura Lawless (about.com)

Future Tense of Irregular Verbs
Future Tense CliffsNotes.com

Future Tense of Regular Verbs
The Essential Guide to the French Future Tense lauraapperson (FluentU.com)

Near Future Tense (Le futur proche)
Le futur proche (Near Future) Samantha Decker (the french corner.net
The near future is used to express when you are going to do something (not “will,” that is the regular future tense). Do not confuse it with going to a location. You will know it is the futur proche if there is a form of the verb “aller” (to go) in the present tense, followed directly by an infinitive

Verb Tenses
Elements of Grammar


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