Verbs (French Grammar)

Making Sense of French Verb Conjugations

Verbs (Action Words)
Tell us what is happening and when

Verb Tenses
Verb Moods

Regular vs Irregular Verbs
Verb Endings er, ir, yer

Verb List

Verb Tenses refer to various times (present, past, future)
Verb Moods correspond to different functions (indicative, infinitive, imperative)
Most Popular Verbs

Participles words formed from a verb and used as an adjective or a noun

Index of Verb Terms Verb Phases
Masculine and Feminine Verb Endings
Agreement with Verbs

Present Indicative

Immediate Future Tense
In French

Infinitives of Verbs
In French
verbs used with an infinitive Beginnings: commencer à
Il faut and infinives

Reciprocal Verbs
French Reciprocal Verbs

Reflexive Verbs
Reflexive vs Non-Reflexive Verbs
Conjugating Reflexive Verbs CliffsNotes
Agreement of past participles
Reciprocal vs Reflexive Verbs

Moi Mots
Elements of Grammar


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