Gravesites, Graceland Cemetery

Graceland Cemetery, Chicago

August Dickens

Eli Williams (1st 200 Chicagoans)

Dexter Graves

William LaBaron Jenney

John Kinzie (1st Permanent White Settler)

Daniel Elston

Jack Johnson (Heavyweight Boxing Champion)

Victor Lawson

John Wellborn Root (Architect)

Peter Schoenhogen (Brewer)

George Pullman (Railroads)

Martin Ryerson
Mastaba and Pyramid

Louis Sullivan
Father of Skyscrapers
Form ever follows Function
Designed Tombs of Ryerson and Getty
Ironic that is

William Kimball (Piano Maker)

William Goodman (Lumber and Patron of the Arts)

Potter Palmer (Developed State Street)

Charles Wacker

John Altgeld

Daniel Burnham

Getty Tomb

Phillip Armour
(Meat Packer)
“Using all the Pig, except for the squeal”

Mie Van Der Rohe

Richard Nickel

Cyrus McCormick
(Agricultural Machinery)

Marshal Field
(Department Store)

William Hulbert

Alan Pinkerton
(Pinkerton Security)

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

Howard van Doren Shaw

Inez Clarke
(Interesting Gravesite)

Walter Newberry
(Newberry Library)

Graceland Facts:

Cemetery of Architects

History of Chicago (The Chicago Flag)

Those not Buried at Graceland:

Despite the Grave marker Architect William LaBaron Jenney is not buried at Graceland
His ashes were scattered around the grave of his wife: _________

Unmarked Graves:
Jack Johnson, Heavyweight Boxing Champion

Eternal Silence (Lorado Taft)


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