Month: September 2018

Things that we don’t know

Knowing what you don’t know is a step in the correct direction

Conjunction of Verbs

Irregular Verbs

Regular Verbs

Numbers and Special Exceptions

Mispronunciations of the Same Words



Irregular Verb
(to go)

je vais               nous allons
tu vas                vous allez
il va                  ils vont
elle va              elle vont

D’ou êtes-vous? Je suis a Chicago
D`où es-t?


Irregular Verb
(to be)

je suis                             nous sommes
tu es                                vous êtes
il est                                ils sont
elle est                            elle sont

D’ou êtes-vous?            Je suis  a Chicago
D`où es-t?

La liason vs L’élision

L’élision (elimination)
Je changes to j’ before a verb starting with a vowel or a silent h (ex.j’adore, j’habite)

La liason (linking)
the s in plural pronouns (nous, vous, and ils/elles) is usually silent
except when it is followed by a verb that begins with a vowel sound. In such a case the silent s is pronounced as a /z/ and links the pronoun to the verb. This phenomenon is called liaison (‘linking’) and is very characteristic of French.