Month: March 2016

Calvary Cemetery, Evanston

Calvary Map

301 Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL 60202

There are many Calvary Cemeteries, but only one in Evanston
According to the Gospels, a site immediately outside Jerusalem’s walls where Jesus was crucified

Calvary Cemetery
Catholic Cemeteries (Archdeocese of Chicago)


Graveyards Cemetery Index ( of Illinois)

Bella Morte
Bella Morte

Seaweed Charlie

Seaweed Charlie

The Chicago Ghost Hunters Group

Chicago, IL
594 Chicago Ghost Hunters

Welcome to the Chicago Ghost Hunters Group!We are a fun and busy group of people who go ghost hunting together in additon to our meetings, events, and any other home or busin…

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Chicago Ghost Hunters Meet Up

Daniel Burnham (1846-1912)

Age 56

Worlds Columbian Exposition’s_Columbian_Exposition

The (Burnham) Plan of Chicago

He is probably your guy

Chicago History

1803 Fort Dearborn
War of 1812 Battle of Fort Dearborn Destroyed Fort Dearborn
500 Potawatomi Indians Burnt to Ground
1833 Chicago Incorporated
1855 Widen River
1857 Fort Dearborn Fire
1871 Chicago Fire
1880 Move Cemetery
1893 Columbian Exposition
1900 Change Direction of River
1933 Century of Progress

Chicago Flag

Raising Buildings

Lumber Grain and Meatpacking

Chicago Streets

William Goodman (1848-1936)

Age 88

Lumber Tycoon
Helped to Found Goodman Theater through a gift on behalf of his son
Donation in Memory of Son

Lakeside Masoleum

Designed as a Tribute to His Son
Howard Van Doren Shaw
Also designed the Goodman Theater

Neoclassical Style
Also designed the Goodman Theater in 1925

son Kenneth, a naval lieutenant in training who was a victim of the 1918 influenza epidemic